Request for Proposal: Young Professionals of Iowa (YP Iowa) is accepting proposals to host the 2020 YP Iowa Annual Conference

Young Professional of Iowa's mission is to serve as a mechanism to empower emerging leaders to cultivate an environment that attracts and retains young professionals in the state of Iowa.YP Iowa seeks to elevate young professionals and the communities they serve through construction of a robust network of connections, advocating effectively for relevant issues and enhancing the visibility of their efforts around the state of Iowa.

Young Professionals of Iowa (YP Iowa) is an organization created by young professionals for young professionals. Our goals are stated:
• Inform Iowa young professionals about the great potential and possibility of our state.
• Engage Iowa young professionals to become active and involved leaders in their communities.
• Educate and assist Iowa young professionals in their desire to become organized in their communities.
• Communicate to Iowa young professionals through both personal interaction at an annual leadership conference and ongoing electronic communication.
• Retain Iowa young professionals in Iowa to continue to provide a base of workforce for existing, expanding and new business.
Intelligent, active and eager young Iowans are stepping forward to carry the message: Iowa is our home, and we have something to say about the future of our state.
State leadership in both the political and business realms have outreached arms and are speaking in unison: Attract and retain young leaders in Iowa. Engage them now.

The Annual Conference brings together young professionals across the state of Iowa to provide opportunities in relationship building, professional and personal development, as well as excitement for their own future success. Each year there is a specific theme that is focused on throughout the conference. There is a keynote speaker that is the main focus of the day along with break-out sessions and other activities. Attendees will learn ways to self-motivate, to think positive and to apply what they are learning when they return to their jobs after the conference.

• Conference Content – Each conference has a great keynote speaker along with fantastic break-out sessions.
• Exposure to Your City – Around 100 or more YP’s usually attend the conference each year.  It’s a great opportunity to showcase your community.
• Networking – Having a large number of YP’s from across the state offers tremendous networking opportunities. 
• Economic Development – Hotels, gas stations, and numerous other businesses will benefit from the attendance to this conference.
• Local YP Exposure – Here’s a chance to display all of the great things about your local YP organization, which can help you in your ongoing membership efforts.

Location would be a city in Iowa. The city/YP Group that would host the YP Iowa Conference would be a member of YP Iowa and/or would be willing to become a member of YP Iowa.

It is preferred to host the conference in a conference center setting that holds a minimum of 150 guests and have space for a minimum of three breakout rooms that can hold at least 50 guests.
The location would need access to WI-FI as well as Audo/Visual resources, computer hook-up, screen projector(s), and podium option.

Convenient access for parking is needed for attendees. Please include any rate reductions and/or pre-paid options if parking is not free.

The conference typically includes a pre-event opportunity for networking the evening before the conference.  Day of conference includes a keynote speaker as well as, at a minimum, three break-out sessions. 
A past conference example is below. Please note you do not have to follow this format. This is just an example. We are open to new ideas!

5:30 p.m. Evening Social

8:00 a.m. Check-in
8:30 a.m. Opening Remarks
9:00 a.m. Break-out Session Round One
10:30 a.m. Keynote Session
12:00 p.m. Lunch
12:45 p.m. Break-Out Session Round Two
2:00 p.m. Break-Out Session Round Three
3:00 p.m. General Session-Workshop
4:45 p.m. Closing Remarks

Confirm the conference location has catering options available including a light breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Please provide ideas for your menu. 

Provide lodging options and rates as well as discounted block room rates if possible. Hotel space located near the conference location is preferred.

All speakers must commit and provide a break-down of their presentation. A conference agreement must be signed to approve cost, travel, and presentation. 

In the past, there has been a pre-conference social hosted at a local bar, restaurant, event space, or tourist destination to welcome conference attendees to the host city and kick-off the annual conference by having light food, drink specials, and networking. Please provide ideas of how you would showcase your city for the pre-conference social.

Outline the marketing plan for the conference.

The conference host would be required to have at least one local representative to liaison with YP Iowa to finalize all conference details. The conference host would be responsible for securing sponsorships for the conference of at least $25,000.00 to cover conference expenses. Sponsorships secured above the minimum will remain with the host organization/can be used to increase marketing efforts or guest experience in a manner decided between YP Iowa and the host organization.

May 24: Proposals are due
June 3: All applicants will be notified about the status of their proposal
September 20, 2019: Announce the 2020 location for the Conference
September 24-25th 2020: Proposed 2020 Conference Dates

Be Creative! This conference is an open canvas. We are open to ideas of how you would like to host the 2020 Young Professionals of Iowa Conference! What we have done in the past is just an example of what you could do!

To apply, complete the online application NOTE: all fields under "Contact Information" are required. Please enter NA for any fields that do not apply. 

If you have any further questions please contact: Kayla Bruns

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