About YP Iowa

Our Mission

Young Professionals of Iowa (YPIowa) Serve as a mechanism to empower emerging leaders to cultivate an environment that attracts and retains young professionals in the state of Iowa.

Our Vision

YPIowa seeks to elevate young professionals and the communities they serve through construction of a robust network of connections, advocating effectively for relevant issues and enhancing the visibility of their efforts around the state of Iowa.

YPIowa is an organization created by young professionals for young professionals. We strive to: 

CONNECT young professional organizations and individuals to advance a statewide network.

  • Gain access to YP leaders from across the state
  • Premier networking opportunities at YP Iowa Conference
  • Build strong relationships with elected officials at the YP Iowa Day at the Capitol

EDUCATE young professionals on the importance of their involvement in the growth of their communities.

  • Attend Monthly Board meetings provide an opportunity for YP leaders from across the state to learn from one another and provide insight into running a successful YP organization.
  • Learn about the challenges facing YP’s across the state and with a collective voice enact solutions to ensure the strength of all Iowa communities. 
  • Provide educational opportunities that help YPs learn and grow through YP Iowa’s events and communication channels.

ENGAGE young professionals with opportunities across the state of Iowa.

  • Assist in starting YP organizations in communities that need a stronger youth presence
  • Facilitate a strong community of Young Professionals through various social media platforms. 
  • Provide leadership development opportunities for local young professionals

INFORM young professionals about conversations happening throughout Iowa

  • Provide access to various Young Professionals networks across the state.
  • Share issues facing the different counties across Iowa
  • Showcase the potential and possibilities within our state 

RETAIN young professionals in the state of Iowa and in their communities 

  • Establish the next group of community leaders across the state.
  • Create connections between Young Professionals and their local businesses. 
  • Highlight the quality of life that our Iowa communities have to offer.

Intelligent, active and eager young Iowans are stepping forward to carry the message: Iowa is our home, and we have something to say about the future of our state.

State leadership in both the political and business realms have outreached arms and are speaking in unison: Attract and retain young leaders in Iowa. Engage them now.

Our charge is great, yet our desire is greater. YP’s are ready and willing for the challenge, but we still need your help.

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